Aunt Eb

Saturday, March 19, 2011
So, I've been thinking about my Aunt Eb lately. I decided to write her a letter and by the time I got done I had tears running down my face, so I thought I should put it up here for posterity.

(If you are Cousin Betty, feel free to look at the other posts. Lol!)

Dear Aunt Eb,
I have been thinking about you a lot lately and realized that I have not seen you in a long time.
I wanted to have the chance to tell you a few things.

First, I want you to know that some of my earliest memories are of you teaching me to count to three in Spanish.
(I still remember "Uno, dos, tres!") I remember you sitting at Grandmother's bar in the bar stool at the end, swiveling toward me and asking me if I still remembered how to count to three. I remember parroting back as you slowly told me "Uno...Dos...Tres!"

I remember sitting with you and hearing you say that I reminded you of your sister. That meant a lot to me. You were always so enthusiastic and bubbly and kind to me.

I remember you telling us about how your granddaughter had red hair and no one knew how she had inherited red hair until you found a picture of your husband when he was a toddler.

I remember being excited when you came over and excited when we went to visit you. You always had some sort of cookie or treat for us. There was one time when KMart was closing and you told each of us girls to pick out a toy. I picked out these five little "quints" baby dolls. I played with those things for so long! They all had names too!

You always made me feel special. Thanks for being so kind. It really meant a lot to "little old me!" (Yes, I remember that you used to say that too!). You are a fond part of my childhood and someone that I looked up to and wanted to emulate. Thanks, Aunt Eb!

Just know that, however small, you made a positive impact on my life and I will forever be grateful for the chance to know you.


Swift Armour Facility

Thursday, March 3, 2011
I thought when I signed up for classes that Texas Government would be mind-numbingly boring, my Computer Concepts class would be frustratingly simple, I would shine in Speech class, and I would love and be challenged by Photography class.

Well, Texas Government is really interesting (when the teacher's monotone doesn't put me to sleep), Computer Concepts is challenging, Speech is frustrating, and Photography is enjoyable because of the people in my class.

However, I don't feel as challenged in Photography as I thought I was going to feel. I am inspired by other people's perspective. I've learned a little about light and depth of field. I've learned how to develop black and white film.

I keep waiting for the "BANG!" moment when I simply become an awesome photographer.
You know, just in an instant. Because all good things come to you instantly ;)

I just had a vision of that old Karate Kid guy saying "Patience, grasshopper." Hehe.

I really enjoy some of the people in my photography class. I went to the Swift Armour Facility in Downtown Fort Worth to take some pictures for our class.

I hope to post more pictures later with more of an explanation, but for now enjoy these pics.

Reasons You Should Hire Me

Saturday, February 26, 2011
So, I recently have been filling out applications for jobs.
I'm rather depressed with the aptitude tests, job history, etc.
On paper, I don't look that impressive, but I'm a good employee.
So I decided to write a list to a pretend potential employer.
This is what I wish I could tell them.

Jamie's Reasons You Should Hire Me
1) Although I appear to be nothing more than a bubbly personality, I am constantly analyzing people and situations in order to cement a good relationship between my company and our clients.
Whether it's a cheery greeting, commiserating with someone going through chemotherapy, or distracting those toddlers before their young mom breaks down crying, my ultimate goal is to make people feel like someone knows their name and genuinely cares about their life. I know that I used to chose a particular restaurant over more palatable options because my long term server Liz knew what I wanted to drink before I sat down and the manager knew I wanted a booth in the back. It's small things that can cement a relationship and I strive to capitalize on that concept.

2) I believe that hard work is not optional.
If you are paying me to work for you, then I am going to do my best to see that you get every cent (or more!) out of the time I am working for you. You do not pay me to sit around or sigh over the fact that I have to actually do my job! I come to work in order to...WORK! So, I might even ask for more work if I get done too soon.

3) I will try to achieve my work goals efficiently.
I believe that when my company is doing well, I have far more potential to do well. Therefore, it is my goal to make sure that everything is being done in the most efficient way possible.

4) I am very safety-conscience.
Accidents benefit no one. Lawsuits are messy and so are mangled body parts. I like to make sure everything is done by the book.

Any takers?

Florida- Part Two?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I may get to go back to FLORIDA!
My friend Krystal is having her birthday soon and she said she was flying me back!

Warning: Friendship In Photo Is As Dangerous As It Appears

Back From Florida!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
I am back from Jacksonville, Florida! I spent twelve days with my friend Krystal and her two adorable kiddos.

Met some interesting people. Did a lot of thinking. Made some decisions. Took pictures.

Haha. I have a lot to process :)

When we got back to Krystal's house one day, her little boy Rayne decided to play with some toy cars on the front porch.

Of course, my photographer's heart rejoiced (not!). Actually, I kind of dug out my camera reluctantly. I am SOOO glad I did!

He was such a sweet heart and I got some pretty good shots.
This definitely encouraged me. I have been in a slump lately.
No creativity, I suppose.

Let me show you the pictures!

Then he ran up and down the block for awhile so that I could take some pictures on the sidewalk.

Okay, okay...Only one more.

See you soon!

Anyone Want To Loan Me A Vespa?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

This Christmas, my parents gave me an external hard drive (yay!), an insulated picnic bag, and a black leather MOTORCYCLE JACKET! I am kind of excited. You can definitely expect pictures of me in my jacket sometime soon. Now I just need to borrow a Vespa!

I got a lot of really cool gifts this year, but this morning I was thinking about the greatest gift.
I don't have any deep thoughts on God's gift to us. Just thinking about it. Wonder if He was excited to give us such an amazing gift?

Stay safe this holiday season!

Determined To Post...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
I am determined to start posting more regularly, but lately there hasn't been just a whole lot to share with the blogging world.

So, a few pictures for you follow :)

I found the cutest 2011 planner to help me stay organized. Cute little note cards to keep up with friends and promote my photography business. The Sharpie packs were at Sam's Club. The price worked out to about fifty cents per marker. They have colors that coordinate with the note cards for cute whimsical little notes and with the planner.

If you know me, you already know that anything organizational caused my heart to beat faster. What you may not know is that anything color-coordinated makes me downright giddy!

The employees at my local Half Price Books know both Alex and I. I'm on a first name basis with one of the managers. That's how much I enjoy that store!

A few weeks ago, I began searching for a few books on adoption. I found some great ones for a pretty great price!
James Dobson's book "Bringing Up Boys" was only three dollars! I had been hearing a lot of buzz on the book "The Connected Child" by Karyn Purvis. Karyn Purvis actually does her work at Fort Worth's TCU (Texas Christian University)!

I started stalking the adoption section at Half Price Books and found an almost new copy. This book has tons of insight into an adopted child's mindset. It was really helpful to me in understanding the neurological basis of their fears and reactions.

I still haven't finished them, but I highly recommend all three of these books!

On a different note, I finally broke down and set an appointment for a haircut tomorrow. I'll try to take a before and after picture to post!