Swift Armour Facility

Thursday, March 3, 2011
I thought when I signed up for classes that Texas Government would be mind-numbingly boring, my Computer Concepts class would be frustratingly simple, I would shine in Speech class, and I would love and be challenged by Photography class.

Well, Texas Government is really interesting (when the teacher's monotone doesn't put me to sleep), Computer Concepts is challenging, Speech is frustrating, and Photography is enjoyable because of the people in my class.

However, I don't feel as challenged in Photography as I thought I was going to feel. I am inspired by other people's perspective. I've learned a little about light and depth of field. I've learned how to develop black and white film.

I keep waiting for the "BANG!" moment when I simply become an awesome photographer.
You know, just in an instant. Because all good things come to you instantly ;)

I just had a vision of that old Karate Kid guy saying "Patience, grasshopper." Hehe.

I really enjoy some of the people in my photography class. I went to the Swift Armour Facility in Downtown Fort Worth to take some pictures for our class.

I hope to post more pictures later with more of an explanation, but for now enjoy these pics.


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