Reasons You Should Hire Me

Saturday, February 26, 2011
So, I recently have been filling out applications for jobs.
I'm rather depressed with the aptitude tests, job history, etc.
On paper, I don't look that impressive, but I'm a good employee.
So I decided to write a list to a pretend potential employer.
This is what I wish I could tell them.

Jamie's Reasons You Should Hire Me
1) Although I appear to be nothing more than a bubbly personality, I am constantly analyzing people and situations in order to cement a good relationship between my company and our clients.
Whether it's a cheery greeting, commiserating with someone going through chemotherapy, or distracting those toddlers before their young mom breaks down crying, my ultimate goal is to make people feel like someone knows their name and genuinely cares about their life. I know that I used to chose a particular restaurant over more palatable options because my long term server Liz knew what I wanted to drink before I sat down and the manager knew I wanted a booth in the back. It's small things that can cement a relationship and I strive to capitalize on that concept.

2) I believe that hard work is not optional.
If you are paying me to work for you, then I am going to do my best to see that you get every cent (or more!) out of the time I am working for you. You do not pay me to sit around or sigh over the fact that I have to actually do my job! I come to work in order to...WORK! So, I might even ask for more work if I get done too soon.

3) I will try to achieve my work goals efficiently.
I believe that when my company is doing well, I have far more potential to do well. Therefore, it is my goal to make sure that everything is being done in the most efficient way possible.

4) I am very safety-conscience.
Accidents benefit no one. Lawsuits are messy and so are mangled body parts. I like to make sure everything is done by the book.

Any takers?


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