Determined To Post...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
I am determined to start posting more regularly, but lately there hasn't been just a whole lot to share with the blogging world.

So, a few pictures for you follow :)

I found the cutest 2011 planner to help me stay organized. Cute little note cards to keep up with friends and promote my photography business. The Sharpie packs were at Sam's Club. The price worked out to about fifty cents per marker. They have colors that coordinate with the note cards for cute whimsical little notes and with the planner.

If you know me, you already know that anything organizational caused my heart to beat faster. What you may not know is that anything color-coordinated makes me downright giddy!

The employees at my local Half Price Books know both Alex and I. I'm on a first name basis with one of the managers. That's how much I enjoy that store!

A few weeks ago, I began searching for a few books on adoption. I found some great ones for a pretty great price!
James Dobson's book "Bringing Up Boys" was only three dollars! I had been hearing a lot of buzz on the book "The Connected Child" by Karyn Purvis. Karyn Purvis actually does her work at Fort Worth's TCU (Texas Christian University)!

I started stalking the adoption section at Half Price Books and found an almost new copy. This book has tons of insight into an adopted child's mindset. It was really helpful to me in understanding the neurological basis of their fears and reactions.

I still haven't finished them, but I highly recommend all three of these books!

On a different note, I finally broke down and set an appointment for a haircut tomorrow. I'll try to take a before and after picture to post!


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