Back From Florida!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
I am back from Jacksonville, Florida! I spent twelve days with my friend Krystal and her two adorable kiddos.

Met some interesting people. Did a lot of thinking. Made some decisions. Took pictures.

Haha. I have a lot to process :)

When we got back to Krystal's house one day, her little boy Rayne decided to play with some toy cars on the front porch.

Of course, my photographer's heart rejoiced (not!). Actually, I kind of dug out my camera reluctantly. I am SOOO glad I did!

He was such a sweet heart and I got some pretty good shots.
This definitely encouraged me. I have been in a slump lately.
No creativity, I suppose.

Let me show you the pictures!

Then he ran up and down the block for awhile so that I could take some pictures on the sidewalk.

Okay, okay...Only one more.

See you soon!


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